At TXG Automotive in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, we believe a clean car is the first step in enjoying every drive. You’d be surprised how much dust and dirt can be hiding in the nooks and crannies of your vehicle! That’s why we offer auto detailing packages for both the interior and exterior of your car. Your vehicle is cleaned with our professional detailing equipment in our heated warehouse, top to bottom.

For the exterior of your car, we professionally bathe your entire vehicle along with the tires, windows and undercarriage cleaning with a thorough wash and wax service. For an additional cost, we can also clean your engine bay, which is an important part of the ongoing maintenance. Interior cleaning involves thorough vacuuming, carpet cleaning, extraction, & vent cleaning - we won’t miss a spot. We’ll wipe down your interior panels, door jams, and even take out the seats - if you’d like us to do so - to thoroughly clean your vehicle. We take the time needed to make your vehicle look great. We have put a lot of hours into detailing, and we have the experience to back it up.

Here’s a summary of the auto detailing services we offer at TXG:

Exterior Cleaning

  • Professional wash and wax of entire exterior
  • Undercarriage, tires and rims cleaned and dressed, windows cleaned, and trim reconditioning
  • Engine bay cleaning for additional cost - taking care of your engine bay and keeping it clean is an important part of vehicle maintenance as well as increasing the resale value if the engine bay is in great condition. This also prevents the buildup of harmful materials or fire hazards in your engine bay.

Interior Cleaning

  • Vacuuming and carpet cleaning every nook and cranny
  • Interior panels and overall interior wipe down
  • Windows cleaned
  • Leather cleaned and conditioned
  • Seat removal for nooks and crannies and all the dirt that’s frustrating to reach (who hasn’t dropped things in between their seats, never to see it again?!)
  • Vents and other different places dirt and dust can accumulate in high amounts

Your vehicle will look brand new - with a lot of elbow grease, experience, and our professional equipment, we’ll get your vehicle to shine again. We know the winters in South Dakota area take a toll on your vehicle’s appearance, and we’re here to help. Many years of dirt and grime can build up, even on the outside, that a normal carwash just won’t reach. If you’re looking for car detailing in Sioux Falls, look no further than TXG Automotive. Our detail service covers everything your vehicle needs. When your car is done, you might not recognize it - restored to its former pristine glory, your ride will be looking fresher than ever - like new - all the way down to the details.



you can call us for more information or send photos of the exterior and interior of your vehicle for a full service quote depending on the workload and dirt severity.

Give us a call or visit us at TXG Automotive in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to give your vehicle the wash it deserves. Let us get the grime off for you - contact us for car detailing today! If you miss the shine your vehicle had when you first purchased it, don't worry - we can bring it back to life. Choose TXG for your detailing needs, we would love to serve you!

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