The TXG Automotive Mission

TXG automotive row of ford mustangs

Our Mission

With a passion for automobiles, experience in the industry, and a drive to match every customer with the perfect vehicle, TXG Automotive was born. Humble beginnings saw TXG in Hartford, with a small lot and big dreams. We wanted variety - a solid lineup of daily drivers, from coupes to SUVs juxtaposed to a striking sports car lineup. But why both?Well, we believe everyone can find the vehicle that fits their lifestyle. That's why we started our sister brand, AutoVantage! Whether a customer is looking for a family vehicle, a commute car, or a leisurely ride with the top down, TXG has the selection.

Our Search

Moving on to another passion - quality first. We find the cleanest, best-condition vehicles around and spend a lot of time scouring the auctions and listings all around the country for the best of the best. We have travelled days for one car - the perfect vehicle for the TXG lot. Furthermore, a rigorous inspection, service if needed, and a pristine detail readies our inventory for sale.

Our trusted mechanics & specialists help us along the way, and we’ve launched our detail bay. Our recent move to north Sioux Falls, South Dakota, included a heated warehouse.

Our Selection

This warehouse is home to our sports car lineup - you’ll find a little bit of everything at TXG when the weather starts to warm up every year. Our extensive line of pristine Mustangs, Corvettes, and Camaros is not something to miss. We also stock vehicles such as Aston Martin, Dodge Challenger, Mazda Miata, Dodge Viper, and more. TXG even has a few old, iconic cars in our fantastic lineup. Our Ford Galaxie is a peach - we love the variety.

TXG’s strong suit is hunting down quality vehicles - we sincerely believe in the finer things in life, and for us that’s a smooth, reliable, clean ride.


100% Would recommend Txg!! Can’t say enough good! They are a huge blessing from start to finish! They are friendly and make every step easy for you! The do it with integrity and utmost care!   They did a full detail on my car and made it like new then helped me sell it for a great price both for me and the party buying!  Their consolidation fees are more than fair for all they do!!   Thank you so much to Matt, Chris and the whole team!   You are the best!!!


This place always has eye candy for me! I'm a gearhead and a good dealership can lift my mood and make my day. This place never fails to deliver. Employees are friendly and knowledgeable. They are always willing to answer questions and take the time to make sure I get an eye full. The vehicles are always spotless and the office is always welcoming.
If you are looking for an above average experience when buying your next Mustang, Camaro, Corvette, pickup or RV... DON'T MISS OUT on this place!


If you like cars and trucks take a look at TXG Auto website. You'll find a one of a kind Red Corvette. You won't believe how gorgeous it is. 2022 Corvette Stingray 2LT w/Z51 and 804 miles! This particular C8 has over $16,000 in options.  Then there are the unique Ford Mustangs. I know the people who started TXG Auto and they ❤ what they do.


Our team

Meet the staff of TXG Automotive

Matt Bailey
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TXG Partners

TXG Automotive stocks only the finest vehicles of the utmost quality. We want to ensure our customers receive vehicles in fantastic, above-and-beyond condition. That's why we trust only the best mechanics - Kannas Automotive & Performance ensures that our vehicles receive the best care. Any service, upgrades, or modifications needed for our vehicles is entrusted to Kannas. We've loved working with Kannas for our vehicle needs & look forward to our partnership continuation in the future.

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