Our Mission

With a passion for automobiles, experience in the industry, and a drive to match every customer with the perfect vehicle, TXG Automotive was born. Humble beginnings saw TXG in Hartford, with a small lot and big dreams. We wanted variety - a solid lineup of daily drivers, from coupes to SUVs juxtaposed to a striking sports car lineup. But why both?

Well, we believe everyone can find the vehicle that fits their lifestyle. Whether a customer is looking for a family vehicle, a commute car, or a leisurely ride with the top down, TXG has the selection.

Our Search

Moving on to another passion - quality first. We find the cleanest, best-condition vehicles around and spend a lot of time scouring the auctions and listings all around the country for the best of the best. We have travelled days for one car - the perfect vehicle for the TXG lot. Furthermore, a rigorous inspection, service if needed, and a pristine detail readies our inventory for sale.

Our trusted mechanics & specialists help us along the way, and we’ve launched our detail bay. Our recent move to north Sioux Falls, South Dakota, included a heated warehouse. 

Our Selection

This warehouse is home to our sports car lineup - you’ll find a little bit of everything at TXG when the weather starts to warm up every year. Our extensive line of pristine Mustangs, Corvettes, and Camaros is not something to miss. We also stock vehicles such as Aston Martin, Dodge Challenger, Mazda Miata, Dodge Viper, and more. TXG even has a few old, iconic cars in our fantastic lineup. Our Ford Galaxie is a peach - we love the variety. 

TXG’s strong suit is hunting down quality vehicles - we sincerely believe in the finer things in life, and for us that’s a smooth, reliable, clean ride. 

Our Crew

Among our staff is our salesman, Chris; administrator, Matt; detail manager, Anna; and vehicle acquisition specialist, Sami. Each of our members has a passion for vehicles - not only the aesthetics, but the quality.

At TXG Automotive, we won’t sell you something we wouldn’t send a family member home in. Safety, reliability, and longevity are our priorities as well. Everyone has heard it before - the cliche, used car dealership schtick - but we want to change the game. 

While it’s more work, investment, and time, the TXG team ensures our inventory is top-of-the-line. We’re not your average used car dealership. With the most extensive used sports car inventory around, you’ll find something unique. Our entire staff grew up around vehicles and the car industry, we know a thing or two. Our members have seen it all - the good and the bad.

And TXG wanted to be the best. Our goal is to rewrite the narrative of used vehicles - that these used automobiles can compete with the best and won’t break down two miles outside the dealership on your way home.

Our Detailing

Alongside quality is cleanliness - while our vehicles have always been clean, TXG wanted them to shine, too - so, we launched into detailing right here at TXG. We’ll get every nook and cranny of a vehicle. Living in South Dakota can really take a toll on a vehicle - road salts, mud, snow, and muck can pile up on the outside and inside.

We return dirty vehicles to their former glory, only stopping when they have that mirror-shine. Our professional equipment and heated warehouse is nurturing a fantastic detailing bay. 

We wash and wax the entire exterior along with an undercarriage wash, clean and dress rims and tires, clean the windows, and recondition trim. If needed, we can buff damage and water spots, as well. We can also do an extensive engine bay cleaning at TXG.

We vacuum and clean the carpets with an extractor, clean the interior panels and every inch of the interior, clean the interior windows, recondition leather, and can even remove seats to reach places unseen. At TXG, we’re thorough - we ought to be, with the process of selecting the best vehicles we can find, they’ve got to have that fresh-off-assembly shine, too. 

Come See Us!

Our lineup is so extensive, we’ve added storage lifts at TXG Automotive - the more, the merrier. We firmly believe in what we do and back it up with passion and knowledge. When you buy at TXG, you’ll be treated like a human being - transparency and honesty are first and foremost.

Don’t take our word for it - our reviews speak for themselves and we are grateful for our fantastic customers and friends. Visit TXG Automotive off of I-90 and North Cliff in Sioux Falls for a fresh, fantastic car-buying experience - you won’t regret it.

We can’t wait to work with you, and our passion for vehicles will ensure you find something you like. Come take a test drive at TXG Automotive today.

Make sure to check out our blog for news, vehicle spotlights, and why to buy a used vehicle.

TXG Automotive - It’s More Than a Feeling.