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2014 Ford Mustang Stage 3 Roush

This 2014 Ford Mustang Stage 3 Roush had only 7k miles on the odometer when it hit our lot. We got the vehicle out of Texas and sold it to someone in Huron, SD. It features a 575 Horsepower Roushcharged 5.0 V8. This vehicle was a pleasure to drive and to sell. This Mustang is described as “Jack Roush’s vision of a true American performance car - combining raw power, handling, and braking capabilities of his championship-winning race cars while still maintaining OEM reliability, drivability, and comfort”. (roushperformance.com)

Roush Back View

Roush Enterprises was established in 1976 after Jack Roush worked as a young automotive engineer at Ford. The goal of Roush Enterprises was to produce advanced racing vehicles that would allow him to showcase his engineering knowledge and allow him to feed his competitive nature.

Roush experienced success around the world, and then expanded into Roush Performance Products which offers a line of high-performance vehicles, crate engines, and aftermarket components currently based on Ford Mustang and Raptor models. 

When compared to the Shelby and the elusive Boss 302, the Roush offers enthusiast drivers the perfect medium - insanely fast and incredibly fun to drive. This vehicle is not quiet - be prepared to be noticed if you’re cruising in a Roush. The mechanical magic behind the noise is efficient air flow into the engine including noise and vibration characteristic improvements.

Roush pairs this with a high-efficiency intercooler to boost the engine output to 575 Horsepower and 505 pound-feet of torque. If you’re looking for a unique ride, a Roush is the way to go, combining comfort and practicality with aesthetics and speed.

Roush Side View

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