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The search for the perfect vehicle can be a real drag. Here at TXG Automotive (The Xenial Group), we believe in combining our knowledge and passion for automobiles with our desire to help each person find a vehicle that is the right fit for them. We believe in what we do - and we have the expertise and experience to back it up. We'll do the heavy lifting for you - starting with hand-picking each vehicle on our lot after being fully inspected, serviced, and detailed.

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We combined a deep love and passion for automobiles with a strong desire to be helpful to others.

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We have hand picked, quality pre-owned vehicles that have been fully inspected, serviced and detailed. Not only that, we stand behind them.

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-No games, no gimmicks, and no hassles. We will earn your trust by being transparent with you every step of the way.
-Time is the most important thing we have, we promise not to waste yours.

the txg


Our entire business model is focused on making your experience a pleasant and enjoyable one. We love cars, we love helping people, and we love helping people buy cars!


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