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The search for the perfect vehicle can be a real drag. Here at TXG Automotive (The Xenial Group), we believe in combining our knowledge and passion for automobiles with our desire to help each person find a vehicle that is the right fit for them. We believe in what we do - and we have the expertise and experience to back it up. We'll do the heavy lifting for you - starting with hand-picking each vehicle on our lot after being fully inspected, serviced, and detailed.

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We combined a deep love and passion for automobiles with a strong desire to be helpful to others.

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We have hand picked, quality pre-owned vehicles that have been fully inspected, serviced and detailed. Not only that, we stand behind them.

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-No games, no gimmicks, and no hassles. We will earn your trust by being transparent with you every step of the way.
-Time is the most important thing we have, we promise not to waste yours.

the txg


Our entire business model is focused on making your experience a pleasant and enjoyable one. We love cars, we love helping people, and we love helping people buy cars!


Anna Bailey

Growing up around a family of car fanatics, Anna was born into a passion for vehicles. Although she doesn't know as many car factoids as her brother Matt, she appreciates a beautiful car. With her knowledge on the website side of things, she became a member of the team. A little known secret, though - her favorite part is deep cleaning the carpets of a particularly dirty vehicle in for detail until it's shiny and like-new. As a Jeep fanatic, she's a fan of our Wrangler lineup as well.


Matt Bailey

Matt's passion for cars started around age 7 when he played Midtown Madness, a 1999 game on PC. His love for vehicles only grew over time, and his first car was a 1996 Ford Probe GT. Into adulthood, Matt followed his dream of opening a dealership, and gets to share his love and knowledge of cars with others every day. If you pay attention, you can see a glint of childlike wonder in his eyes as he scans the rows of vehicles. He can't choose what his favorite vehicle of all time would be - he's got a long list of cars he loves, and wants others to experience the same.


Corey Taylor

Corey has had a strong passion for cars since he was a little kid. Cars have always represented freedom for him - he spent time looking for them at a young age before he even had his license. His grandparents owned a window tinting business when he was young, and Corey spent lots of time at dealerships with them, soaking up all the cool cars he got to see. He's always been a salesman at heart, bantering about his nightcrawler business at age 11, and he's made a come-up from selling worms to selling fantastic cars and sharing his passion with others. Corey also used to manage a parts store, and with over ten years in the automobile industry he joined TXG Automotive and gets to share his love of vehicles with others. You can hear echoes throughout the dealership of him singing, "I lo-o-ove this tru-u-ck!" every time new inventory hits the lot.


James Stone

Jimbo grew up detailing his family's personal vehicles and learned everything he knows from his dad. His striking '69 Chevelle as well as the '00 Corvette in his family, he's no stranger to a fun ride and has always been interested in cars. He loves the environment at TXG and working with people he enjoys, as well as making cars look brand new for customers after a little elbow grease. As a family friend for many years, we are happy to have him as a part of our team.

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